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Silute Fish Soup Cooking Championship (Lithuania)


The traditional Fish Soup Championship is held every first weekend of September in the Šilutė Harbour for small ships. Every time, more than 3 tonnes of soup is cooked during the Championship. More than 40 teams participate to cook the best traditional soup and to win the Champion Ring.

The Championship is international as teams come from Poland, Sweden, Russia, Germany, Latvia and other.

Video contest


Are you a 16-20 years old student from the South Baltic region?

Shoot your 3-minute long video on #greentech, #transport or #tourism.

Send your video till 15th September 2018 and win a nice prize:

 1. photo camera;

 2. iPad;

 3. Bluetooth wristbands and laptop backpacks.


Malmö Baltathon: #HACK4BALTICMUSEUMS (Sweden)


The Malmö Baltathon will start from the warm-up on th 11the or 18th September. During one of these meetings you will have a chance to get familiar with the exhibitions, problems and challenges the Museum of Malmö faces, and to get to know each other better.

From warm-up till the final day of hackathon you are asked to develop your idea and code. During the final on 25th September, you will get time to finalize your work, create a final presentation, talk to the Museum of Malmö's workers and IT experts from different companies.

The final presentation will be pitched (4 minutes) to other teams, organizers and partners. The number of teams is limited to 6. The maximum number of contestants in one team is 5 people.

Baltathons are a series of free hackathons taking place within the BalticMuseums: Love IT! project. Museums, touristic attractions, IT specialists and research institutions from Poland, Denmark, Sweden, Lithuania and Germany cooperate in creating IT-enabled tools for natural and cultural heritage attractions in the South Baltic Region.

The Baltathon participants are tasked with creating an information tool: an application based on the gamification which will contribute to greater interest and involvement of tourists visiting cultural institutions in the Baltic states.


Griffin Knight Tournament (Poland)


The last documented tournament on the Ducal Castle in Szczecin took place in 1612. This year, we are reviving this amazing tradition!

• Guided sight-seeing,
• Knight tournament in three disciplines,
• Theatre performances,
• Ancient music ensembles,
• Jugglers,
• Flag throwing,
• Fire shows,
• Medieval rites,
• Fair of ancient and contemporary crafts.

Šilute Town Festival (Lithuania)


This traditional festival is held annually each last Saturday of May, Šilutė town's birthday. It marks the 1511 year when the first tavern was founded in the pinewood. The celebration breezes with traditional culture of the Minor Lithuania region, but there are also many modern activities.

During the festival, people can visit various exhibitions and expositions as well as the festive fair where they can buy various souvenirs. A variety of performances, contests, sports competitions, shows of folklore and contemporary music performances are organized. School communities, youth organizations, as well as elderly people communities and business organizations participate in this event because it is one of the best ways to promote their activities, services and production. The event closes with spectacular fireworks.

The Šilutė Town Festival is one of the biggest events aiming at attracting tourists. It is organised by the Šilutė Culture and Entertainment Center.


Knight tournament at the Ekenäs castle (Sweden)


Riddarspelen Ekenäs slott, or the knight tournament at the Ekenäs castle in Sweden, takes place every year at the end of May. It is attended by numerous lovers of Medieval-style entertainment and craftsmanship.

The Ekenäs castle is situated several kilometers from the city of Linköping, in the lake area, which makes participation in the tournament even more attractive.


Rusne Festival (Lithuania)


On the 29th-30th of June all of you are welcome to the one of the biggest festivals in Rusne (the biggest island in Silute District, Lithuania). Rusne Festival for all the family!

• Entertainment for kids;
• Workshops with Alex Monaco – how to be lucky and happy;
• Weathervane painting school;
• Attractions on water;
• “Song camp” for youth (on June 27th-30th) and the final concert;
• Lots of famous musicians and music bands.

Contact and ask:

Tickets available on

Song and Dance Celebration (Latvia)


The Latvian Song and Dance Celebration was established in 1873. In 2018, the Celebration will be held in the spirit of the Latvian Independence Centenary. Roughly ¼ of the Latvian population will attend the events.

The Song and Dance Celebration has been included in UNESCO's list of Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity.


Fest of Baltic Herring in Niechorze (Poland)


The Fest of Baltic Herring is celebrated in July at the lighthouse in Niechorze (Poland).

On 7-8th July 2018, you can enjoy:

• tasting herrings from our fishermen,
• sea shanties and meetings with old sailors,
• pirates playing with children,
• cooking competitions,
• regional products and craftsmanship fair,
• a sunset view from the lighthouse in Niechorze.

Let's be there: 54°05'47" N 15°03'57" E .

Also, do not forget to visit "A fisherman's house" exhibition in the Museum of Fishing in Niechorze, open between 7.07-14.10.2018.

Hasselörodden (Sweden)


Each year on the third Wednesday in July, about 30-40 genuine wooden boats ride from Hasselö to Fiskaretorget in Västervik. A distance takes about 4 hours, depending on the weather. The rowers gather at Hasselö in the morning, wearing clothes from the turn of the century, and then they row together to Västervik.

It has become a tradition of praise in the ancestral traces. This tour was carried out by the residents of the archipelago to sell their products on the market in the city.

When the boats arrive in Västervik, they are welcomed by the audience who wants to see a glimpse of the boats and its rowers. The city is filled with people and the rowers are celebrated with snaps when they come ashore.

In 2019, the boats will be making their cruise for the 40th time.


The Pickled Cucumber Fair (Poland)


The unique green fair in Kalisz Pomorski has a lot of attractions:

• lumberjack competition,
• drowning and picking out barrels with pickled cucumbers,
• Forest Village and eko-workshops,
• lottery and bungee jumping,
• lots of live music.

Rågödagen (Sweden)


Rågödagen is a one-day celebration on the Rågö island full of activities revolving around genuine wooden boats from the area of Tjust and Västervik, for the whole family.

• a day that goes in the sign of hemp, crude oil and pine tar every third Saturday of July,
• listen to skippers telling stories and showing their boats and motors,
• meet professional fishermen,
• take part in a sailing competition and a flea market,
• sail or row a wooden boat to experience the feeling,
• visit the boat workshop or the exhibition about different boats used in the archipelago over time,
• try food and drinks served in the restaurant.

Access by passenger boat from Loftahammar.

The Slavs and Vikings festival (Poland)


During the three days of the festival, Wolin transforms into a medieval commercial port. People from all over the world come here to see the most excellent craftspeople present their masterful products. The usually quiet and peaceful settlement becomes a stormy battlefield of the Vikings and Slavs. Wolin is a destination point for the reconstruction groups and the Slavs and Vikings culture explorers from different parts of the world.

The first festival took place in 1993. Its idea relates to the Scandinavian legend of a warrior stronghold Jomsborg. This is the key and at the same time one of the most frequently visited events in the Westpomerania region.

Gotland Medieval Week (Sweden)


Welcome to the largest medieval festival.

One week, 500 events and 40,000 visitors. The Medieval Week is a paradise for all who like jousting, markets, church concerts, street theater, fire shows, storytelling, walks, lectures and more.

The festival runs mainly in Visby's medieval fairytale environments, but also in rural Gotland. Here you will laugh, socialize and enjoy life together with minstrels, noble people, paupers and many more.

International rally of military vehicles (Poland)


For a few days of August, Borne Sulinowo turns into a military town. Thousands of rally participants, dressed in unique uniforms of various historic period armies, hundreds of military vehicles, wonders of military technology surround reconstructions of historical and thematic adaptations. Everybody may feel like watching a war movie. Visitors can take a ride on a tank, amphibian or other incredible military vehicles.

During the event, musical concerts are held, and a lot of military products (authentic old uniforms, military clothes and accessories) are sold.

The biggest military rally has been organised in Borne Sulinowo for 13 years. The main purpose of the event is promotion of militaries, history and all Westpomerania region.

International Lighthouse Day (Poland)


The International Lighthouse Day is celebrated each 3rd Sunday of August next to the lighthouse in Świnoujście. Check what you can do there:

• Meet the lighthouse keepers,
• Try to win a running race to the lighthouse top,
• Listen to live music,
• See painting and photo exhibitions,
• Have a good time with your children.


Banquet of Söderköping (Sweden)


The Banquet of Söderköping is a historical event, held every year, and focusing on the periods of the Vikings and the Middle Ages. We offer a variety of quality experiences and activities, both fun and exciting as well as educational, for everyone. The children can try the work of an archeologist and they can also try out different kinds of crafts. The Banquet ends on Sunday with a festive procession through town.

You are invited for:

• Knights with horses in procession,
• Tournaments (jousts) with real horses and knights,
• Battle shows,
• Archery shows and competitions. You will also be able to try it yourself with historical bows, both for children and adults,
• Plays for children and adults,
• Horseshows with horses from Iceland, famous for their hardiness and their five paces. You can also try riding them yourself,
• Open stage competition for best performance,
• Jesters’ shows,
• Lectures on the life of the knights and other subjects,
• Medieval games for both children and adults,
• The Nordic music festival with music from the Middle Ages with concerts both in churches and on outdoor stage as well as workshops and lectures.


Harvest festival in Westpomerania (Poland)


The Harvest Festival celebrates wealthy crops and passage from summer to autumn.

In Drawsko Pomorskie (Westpomerania), the festival will hold a harvest parade, a traditional harvest celebration, regional fair, folklore groups performances and competitions for participants. Children are welcome :) .


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