Šilute Town Festival (Lithuania)


This traditional festival is held annually each last Saturday of May, Šilutė town's birthday. It marks the 1511 year when the first tavern was founded in the pinewood. The celebration breezes with traditional culture of the Minor Lithuania region, but there are also many modern activities.

During the festival, people can visit various exhibitions and expositions as well as the festive fair where they can buy various souvenirs. A variety of performances, contests, sports competitions, shows of folklore and contemporary music performances are organized. School communities, youth organizations, as well as elderly people communities and business organizations participate in this event because it is one of the best ways to promote their activities, services and production. The event closes with spectacular fireworks.

The Šilutė Town Festival is one of the biggest events aiming at attracting tourists. It is organised by the Šilutė Culture and Entertainment Center.



Westpomerania Voivodeship

Department for Tourism and Economy

Magdalena Bulikowska


+48 91 44 19 132


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